About Us


Thanks to a sweet rescue dog named Huckleberry~ the concept of Bow Wow Sheets was born.

It is a fitted sheet for your existing dog bed…you know the “used up/ worn out” filthy dog bed that is too expensive to throw away and impossible to clean?

Well, put a soft, fresh, clean 100% cotton, 100% made in America Bow Wow Sheet on it ~and~ POOF! A very attractive designer fabric dog bed…

If it gets soiled just pop it in the washer and dryer…there are no stiff kinky zippers or buttons.

It is a fitted sheet just like the one on your bed.  Believe me, your dog will love it!

Your adorable “tail-wagger” will also love knowing that $10.00 from the sale of each sheet will be donated to your special charity.

Proudly made in America, keeping Americans working, and helping shelter cats and dogs keep their tummies full by putting more money in the “bottom line” for your rescue organization!

Win Win? We thought so too!

Learn how easy it is to raise capital for your rescue group…contact us via email… pam@bowwowsheet.com

Oh ~ and the tag of the handsome ol’ Labrador on each sheet? Why that was Huckleberry’s best friend….

                                                                                                                                                                                        Sawyer…of course!

Send us an email and picture of your favorite puppy dog and share your story to enter and win a bowwow sheet.  Learn how easy it is to raise capital for your special dog rescue organization.